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Jessemyn Georgia

Client Care Specialist
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Jessemyn Georgia, Jesse, grew up in Raleigh North Carolina with a multitude of animals in her care over the years. These ranged from traditional companion animals to large animal and exotics. Through the care of these animals and other life events, Jesse really learned the value of hard work.

After high school, Jesse applied these values towards an associate degree in information technology & networking. Although the value of hard is her life cornerstone, it never damped her spirit for adventure. She loves to travel and to experience new people, places, and things. This adventurous attitude applies to personable connections as well. You can really see her shine with interacting with others. Jesse has recently applied these passions and experience in the veterinary field as a customer care representative. We love to see her lean into a story about a pet and their concerns. Her analytical training helps to processes the stories information and what that means for the pet’s health. This helps her to ask the “next” question, helping Jesse put together the best possible preliminary outline for your visit before you arrive. We are so happy Jesse has joined our team and we hope you get to know/love her the way we have.