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Police Dog Program in Cary

Our Partnership with the Cary Police Department

Mayfair Animal Hospital is proud to work with the Cary Police Department in association with the Cary K-9 Police Dog Program. Providing veterinary care for these four-legged police officers is a significant responsibility. At Mayfair, we are focused on assisting these canines to reach their individual work potential by providing preventative health care as well as taking care of injuries or illness that may arise during their service to the community.

These canines have unique emotional and physical demands while in the field, and we work closely with their individual police handlers to ensure they have a long and healthy career with the Cary Police Department. With proper management and care, these canine police officers will be an asset to the community of Cary for years to come.

For more information about the police dog program, call us at (919) 590-0099.

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