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Dr. Foster joined Mayfair in 2011 as an Associate Veterinarian. She is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and received her undergraduate degree from Truman University.  Dr. Foster went on to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from North Carolina State University in 2007.  She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Animal Hospital Association. 

Dr. Foster enjoys working in the veterinary field because of the challenges associated with helping animals who cannot verbally communicate what is wrong.  She likes the "detective work" that goes along with looking for clues to point you down the right pathway of diagnostics to help each animal.  Dr. Foster appreciates working not only with animals but with the people who love those animals.   She enjoys Mayfair because of "the family environment and knowing that each person here truly cares about the animals and the people that come through our doors".   Dr. Foster and her family have 2 dogs, Sierra and Roscoe, two cockatiels, Bogie and Merlin, and three turtles, Basil, Myrtle, and NoName.  

She lives in Cary with her husband, Bill, and two young children, Sophie and Luke.  In her free time, Dr. Foster loves to cook and has an obsession with collecting recipes.  She also likes to kayak, spend time outdoors and of course spend time with her family.