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Angela Bergevin

Practice Manager
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Angela Bergevin was born and raised in central North Carolina. With her closest neighbor to their little family farm, being the county veterinarian, Angela was no stranger to encountering animals in need. She first fostered this passion for the study and care of animals through her studies in the wildlife and natural sciences at NCSU. Although she eventually graduated with a degree from the School of Forestry at NCSU she remained fascinated by the relationship environment, especially animals, had on human health and wellbeing. Her interested lead her to review the intimate relationship society had developed with companion animals and eventually this interest propelled her into the veterinary field.

Angela now advocates for the continual strengthening of the Human Animal Bond through pet wellness and client education in this area. Angela believes that through veterinary medicine improving the health and thus longevity of companion animal we are ultimately improving the health of the humans they accompany.

Angela has now been working towards patient and pet wellbeing for nearly 20 years in the veterinary field. Angela is now proud to be our manager and looks forward to serving the Cary community.